Ankle Sprain for Dogs

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Your dog stands on its toes, its ankles in the air, and knees thrust forward. Doing this all through the day is not an easy task. Immense stress and weight is put on the dog’s joints and muscles. Ankle flexibility is essential to chase cats and scratch behind its ears. The ankle also helps it to playfully wrestle with other dogs and jump on to your bed. The joint also plays an important role when it leaps to get toys. The problem starts when your dog overdoes it, resulting in putting excess pressure on its front legs and also on its back legs. The ankles, as a consequence, are put other strain. It may break if sufficiently bad conditions exist.

CCL a serious cause

Do understand that sprains and strains are not the same. A dog suffers sprain when the ligaments connecting the bones get harmed. The result is joint damage. An injury can happen in hunting dogs who jump many hurdles. An average canine can suffer a sprain while jumping down from the sofa. It could also suffer strains when it mistakenly steps into a hole. Dogs commonly sprain themselves in the knees and the wrists. A severe injury in this list is the tearing of cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). This ligament connects the knee bones.

You will know your dog has suffered a strain when it begins to limp. The canine could also suddenly become lame, meaning it cannot use its leg. If such a condition continues for more than one day, then you should take the dog to the veterinarian.

Behavioral changes

Strains can be either acute or sudden or chronic or ongoing. It can range from the mild to the severe. The veterinarian will figure out a course of treatment depending on the injury suffered by the dog. The medical professional will write a prescription depending on what you inform and the result of the various tests which the dog has done. You must explain to the veterinarian as to how your dog acts differently when you compare present-day behavior with what it used to do in the past. In case you saw the injury happen in front of your eyes, the veterinarian will ask what your dog was doing at the time of injury. You will also be asked questions on what the dog is not doing from the time it was injured. Is it not keen to walk in the park? Or have stopped eating? The veterinarian will examine the dog’s joints and muscles. The canine will be first given a thorough visual examination and be touched on some points to see if they were out of place, swollen, or warm.

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Dogs and Public Pools

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Many dog owners regard their pet as a part of the family. It means when the human family jumps into a public pool; their dogs jump into the water as well. Richer people construct personal swimming pools and all members of the family-human and canine-frolic in the water for hours on end. Swimming is a fun activity. It should be kept safe. One precaution to take is to put a cover over the pool when nobody is swimming in it. This will keep the artificial waterbody safe from dead rodents and birds. It is not uncommon to see snakes swimming in an unattended pool.

Dogs are dirtier

Dogs are dirty creatures and they bring three times the pollutants as humans into the pool. If you have multiple dogs, then you should put more chlorine in the water. Any dog how much well-trained it is, will introduce fecal matter into your pool. Other contaminants like body oils and dirt will also float in the water. The quantity will be more if your dog likes to hunt or play outside. Any animal which goes outside the house will have some quantity of fecal matter on its body. This fecal matter helps in the transmission of E.coli, Hepatitis A, Cryptosporidium and other Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs). Since all human swimmers ingest some amount of pool water, you will fall sick if you swim in them. A germ introduced into the water will quickly contaminate other swimmers. As a human, you will suffer from a number of diseases and ailments like diarrhea, upper respiratory problems, along with ear and skin infections. Do not forget to rinse off your dog after a swim in the pool. The skin of a dog is similar to a human and they can suffer from rashes, infections, and irritations among many others.

Closed pools and infection

If you want to take your dog to a public swimming pool, then do not do so. A majority of swimming pools are essentially closed systems. In plain language, the used water passes through the filtration unit and flows back into the same pool. As per laws, the public pool must refresh the water every eight hours. If you live in a gated community, the common pool must be refreshed every 24 hours. If possible, do install variable speed and 2-speed pumps. Doing so will save a considerable sum of money in the form of chemical bills and utility bills. The water will be appropriately filtered too. When installing filters, install bigger capacity cartridge ones. The addition of a skimmer will catch a majority of hair strands in addition to skimming the water surface in the most effective manner. Only a small amount of electricity will be consumed when combined with a variable speed good quality pump.

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Cat Collar Cameras

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Many people love their cats so much that they want to capture each and every moment. This is where cat collar cameras come in. It captures everything the cat does, from bouncing in the room to jumping around in the bushes and even hiking with the owners in the jungles. All the images are recorded in a digital video so that you can revisit those fun days many years later. A few cat cameras are mounted to capture your cat’s point of view. These cameras get fitted directly on the collar. Other cameras get mounted on the chest of the cat or on a harness. A number of companies sell cat collar cameras.


The Komhode Camera comes with an inbuilt GPS locator. It can be directly connected to any smartphone. The product is best for viewing the world as your cat sees it. Since the unit comes with a GPS locator, you can track the cat wherever it walks or runs. This camera takes pictures automatically. You can also take pictures using the manual mode. The unit, however, is only compatible with Apple phones and a micro-SIM card is a must. The device is resistant to water.

DOGTEK Eyenimal

The DOGTEK company is known for its cutting edge technology and as a cat owner, you can breathe easy as the company sells durable products. The Eyenimal Cat Videocam can be snugly fitted into any cat collar. Night vision technology is included, so it is possible for you to follow the adventures of your cat 24 x 7. The unit has two recording modes, including motion detection. It has an autofocus CMOS sensor that provides night vision to a maximum of seven feet. It has a four gigabytes in-built Flash memory and a 736 x 480 video resolution complete with audio. The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and has a recording time of 2.5 hours.

The DOGTEK company also sells a videocam suitable for active cats. This takes the form of a lightweight pet camera which can be clipped to the collar of the cat. The company sells this unit with a USB cable for video upload to the computer. This unit has four gigabytes of built-in memory and can continuously record for about 2.5 hours. The resolution is 600 x 400 at 29 frames per second.

Glift Weatherproof with digital LCD This unit can capture all your cat’s actions independent of the weather. This is due to the camera’s weatherproof exterior. You do not have to worry about where your cat went. Be it dry land or water. This Glift manufactured device captures it all. The product lightweight plastic housing allows your cat to move about freely. The device can record continuously for a maximum of 45 minutes.

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Cat Back Pain

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Your cat may meow in pain when touched on the back. The cause can be varied, like arthritis, external and internal diseases, injury, and trauma. Many medical conditions could happen as the nerves, and spinal cord extends from its head to the base of its tail. It is essential that you should monitor the car’s movements and sounds. If your cat screams in pain whenever you touch its back, take it to the veterinarian immediately.

Common cause

Almost all cats suffer from back pains all through their lives. The back of any cat is naturally sensitive to touch. This is the reason only a slight touch on the back amplifies the pain. Your cat is in pain if it meows in a howling manner or loudly hisses. These signs mean something is wrong with the cat. You can locate the source of your cat’s pain. Place hand on the back of the cat and squeeze gently. Do be careful while doing this as the cat may bite- and one bite may cause infection in your body. Start to gently press from the top of the head and proceed to the base of the tail. When squeezing, monitor your cat’s behavior. It is common to find the source of the problem in an area which not larger than an inch.

There are so many causes of back pain that even veterinarians are confused on the matter of which medicines to give. The only way out is to conduct extensive medical tests. The most common causes are injury or trauma disease to the back, muscle inflammation, arthritis, or disc issues. Such groups include many sub-issues like kidney disease, constipation, cancer, and nerve impairment.

Trauma and others

Injury and trauma are common in cats. From the newly born kitten to a senior cat, any feline could suffer from trauma. Every cat has in its lifetime fallen on its back and twisted its body in an awkward position. The result is a pain in the upper back or lower back. If the medical diagnosis is not done, followed by treatment, the pain can only worsen. The underlying problem will be much more severe. The list of causes in such a case includes flesh wounds, fracture, dislocation, bruising, nerve damage, or injury to the tissues which encircle the spine.

There could be other causes which, although is non-inflammatory, can be excruciating for the cat. These include spurs or bone growth that can be felt when you touch the back of your cat. There could be pain near or on the area where the spur has developed. Other causes of pain include back stiffness and restricted movements. The cat cannot move in a fluid motion.

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Can Your Dog Hear Your Yet-to-be-born Baby in the Womb?

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Your dog’s hearing ability is much better than any human. It permits dogs to hear a number of sounds which no human can hear. Many dog owners assume that their best friend can also hear the heartbeat of a yet-to-be-born child who is still in the mother’s womb. Although it is a matter of debate as to whether it is possible for the dog to hear a child in the womb, it can detect the presence of the baby through other ways, not least by its sense of smell.

Acute sense of hearing

Dogs can hear four times better than any human. This is as they have more muscles in the ears compared to humans. A human ear has six muscles while a dog’s ear has 18 muscles. The muscles provide the dog the ability to move its ears so that the desired sound can be amplified. It helps that the shape of the dog’s ear helps in hearing. The curved ear shape assists sound to reach the eardrums.

It is entirely believable that your dog can hear your baby’s heartbeat. It can even hear the baby cry inside the stomach. A human baby can cry after 28 weeks post conception. Even though your dog may not understand what is happening, it understands that your body is undergoing some changes. Dogs are naturally intuitive creatures which can sense a variation in the mood, body chemistry, and behavior of their human friends. Other than excellent hearing, dogs also have an excellent sense of smell. They can smell hormonal changes in a pregnant woman. It is entirely possible that your dog knows you are pregnant even before you realize your condition. Many new mothers recall their dogs staring at their bellies when they were pregnant. The ears of their dogs would perk up, and they would look at the human mother’s belly.

Pregnancy protection The proof that your dog knows you are pregnant? It becomes overly protective of your welfare and becomes more affectionate towards you. It also likes to lie or sit beside you given any opportunity. The reaction of every dog will not be the same. A few dogs would shrug the matter away while others cannot bear the sensory overload. It is hard to figure out in advance how a dog may react. Even docile dogs are observed to become agitated by all the changes taking place around them. It is essential that the dog is given extra attention at this time. If your dog has done basic behavior training, provide the training once more to the animal. Think it as a kind of refresher course. It is important that the dog must be well-behaved during this critical juncture of your life.

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Best Dog Doors

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The most common dog doors are made of aluminum. These make an excellent choice not only for dogs but also for their families. These doors are durable and can be fitted to exterior doors with a maximum thickness of two inches. High-end models are made of durable plastic with a hardy aluminum lining. The latter protects the inside of the house from bad weather. The door is adequately robust to keep non-dog pets (like cats) from coming in. The aluminum doors are available in four sizes. Each size comes with a hardy vinyl flap which has a magnetic enclosure. This secures the entryway. You should go for the smaller dog door if your canine is a small one, typically weighing a maximum of 15 pounds. The largest dog door allows canines up to 220 pounds. It is recommended that you do not buy blindly. Measure your dog’s shoulder length to understand which door to buy. You can install it yourself or ask the selling company to do it for you.

Electronic doors

If you can extend your budget, it is a good idea to go for electronic doors. This is ideal if you do not want your dog to bring its friend along to the house. A sensor triggers this door. Your dog will wear a lithium powered collar that will open the door and allow your dog to do its business. The directional operation technology means the door opens only when the dog directly approaches it. It will not open if the dog is merely ambling or sleeping nearby. The door allows dogs up to 100 pounds to pass through. It measures 12″ x 16″ and you hold the power of four-way access control. You can select between out-only, in-only and both ways. You can also fully lock the door. It is recommended that you go for automatic doors despite the higher price as the product is fully worth it.

Aluminum patio doors

If your external door is made of sliding glass, then it is better to install the aluminum patio door. This product can be easily installed and works by fitting into the existing track. The available options for such doors are either 81″ or 96″ in height. When it comes to width, four options are available. This ranges from small size to X-large. Buy one as per your dog size. You can choose between multiple colors like bronze, satin, or white. This enables the pet door to become indistinguishable from the rest of the house. The aluminum frame also does an excellent job of keeping away the bad weather. If you live in colder climates, then framed pet doors are ideal.

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Fishing with Your Dog

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You can take your dog to fish without any trouble. It is possible to do this if you know a few tricks. Do remember that dogs do not take kindly to water. A number of accidents have been recorded in boats where owners came in with their dogs to spend a relaxing day. The subsequent events made the day everything but a relaxing one. Dogs are found to be trapped by fish baits, with their mouths hooked to the fishing line. The owners then have to remove the line from the mouth painfully. The pain does not end when the boat finally scrapes land. Dogs are known to jump down from the boat and run away as fast as they can-with the hapless owner running far behind.

Knowing by experience

The most obvious way to teach dogs is to allow them to fathom the problem itself. If you take your dog out fishing repeatedly, then they will soon understand how to keep themselves safe from the dangers of fishing hooks and other similar fishing gear. Do remember that your dog cannot help you with your fishing activity. The best it can do is to calmly sit in the boat and watch the ships go by. The only help that your dog could provide is to eat the fish that you reject for consumption. It follows that the best method to make your dog assist you in such activities is to take the animal with you in your fishing expeditions repeatedly. The first few times will invariably be a difficult one. For an owner, learning a few tricks could make the time spent much easier.

Keeping the dog safe

You should always be aware of where your dog is. This is particularly valid when you back your boat. Your dog does not understand boat mechanics and the art of navigation. The dog must jump away from the steer when you back the vessel. An experienced fishing person’s dog knows this, and it will stay as much far away from the essential parts of the boat during these times. An untrained dog, however, will not know this. It will excitedly jump in the face of danger, thereby inconveniencing not only itself but you and the boat’s other occupants as well. If you worry about your dog being swept up in the propeller wash, keep the dog leashed inside the steering room most of the time. Fishing hooks and other equipment could be extremely dangerous. Do keep them away from your dog in a place where it cannot touch them. Do not forget to bring fresh, drinkable water exclusively for your dog. Heat exhaustion can overtake both humans and dogs if possible buy dog specific sunscreens too.

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Dangerous Domestic Cat Breeds

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For most, cats are cuddly furballs good for endless play and kissing. Not all breeds of cats, however, are playful and amusing. Some can be downright ferocious, and it takes a brave family to bring in one. Be careful when you are around these breed of cats.


This is a bearded feline and has noticeable stuffed ears. It has a prominent belly, and the back is spotted. Although they excellently bond with humans, these cats can be aggressive. It is not uncommon to hear bobcats killing adult humans. This breed is moody and unpredictable. The animal’s beautiful appearance is a misleading one. Its coat of smoky blue to golden color will be of no use when it shreds the furniture and attacks guests. Bobcats must be kept away from children.


This breed is a hybrid one developed over multiple generations. It is a result of cross-breeding Asian Leopard Cats with domesticated cats. These cats, although domesticated, continues to be wild at heart. The felines are extremely intelligent, beautiful, and quirky. Those who have owned Bengal cats have described the breed to be “dog-like”. The cats are known to turn destructive when bored and unpredictably aggressive. If you have a family, think twice before you adopt a Bengal cat. The appearance of their coats and eyes may vary with different colors. They spray to mark their territory.


This is the biggest hybrid feline. Savannah cats are known to be loyal to their owners. It is a mix of the domestic cat and a Serval. These cats are thus smaller sized than Servals. These cats are known to behave like dogs. A Savannah cat could weigh as much as 25 lbs.


This is a safer and smaller edition of the bigger bobcat. It is a playful creature with an adventurous streak. These cats have polydactylism, a peculiar body characteristics of having extra toes. These animals could be long or short coated. These may be of a medium size or a larger size. These are friendly cats but does not gel well with strangers.


Deciphering the thinking of these cats is hard. The animals could communicate many emotions via hissing sounds and ear movements. Caracals are extremely energetic and sociable. This breed can literally destroy a home. An adult Caracal weighs anywhere between 30 lbs to 50 lbs and approximately 17 inches big in size.

Canadian Lynx This breed of cats are fluffy and listed as subspecies of Eurasian Lynx. When it comes to appearance, the Canadian Lynx is similar to Bobcats. These cats are big felines and can weigh about 30 kilograms. The tail is a stubby one, and the presence of short front legs and long hind legs mean these cats walk in a stunted manner.

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Best Blanket For Your Dog

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It is essential that you choose the best blanket you can get for your best friend. Like you, all your dog wants after a cold and tiring day is to snuggle under a warm and comfortable blanket. A quality blanket not only makes your dog happy but you as well. Of course, most people give their dogs their used blankets which they used earlier but now cannot due to wear and tear. However, you could buy a special blanket for your puppy. These blankets are made especially with canines in mind. Such blankets are super soft and will help it to fall asleep in a jiffy. When it comes to purchasing dog blankets, you do have a number of options.

Types of blankets

When it comes to dogs, blankets come with three points of usages in mind: blankets for the home, blankets for use in a car, and personalized blankets for dogs… For car owners, the blanket for car use is especially needed. This is as dogs scratch the car’s upholstery, slide, and slip, and may leave the space full of furs. This is why it is crucial that you buy a blanket for use by the dog in the car. These blankets can be fitted to the back of the car seat, thus making it much easier to keep the pet from slipping and thus causing general disruption while you drive your vehicle. Premium car blankets are waterproof and can be installed like a hammock. They protect the back seats from fur and dirt along with other contaminants. They can also be easily installed. All the driver is to do is to snap buckle straps around headrests. The seat anchors can be tucked in. These blankets can be machine washed.

Comfort is paramount

Blankets for home are engineered especially for dogs who like nothing more than to snuggle on the sofa — high-quality blankets in this category. The better blankets are made of 100 percent polyester and can be cleaned in the washing machine. It is lightweight and can be easily moved. Best of all, the material gives complete protection to your fancy couch. Since it is sold in multiple colors, you can buy the dog blanket in a color which coordinates with the sofa. On the other hand, a few dog blanket manufacturers manufacture dog blankets made of soft fleece. Your dog will get warmth and comfort from such a blanket. Dog blankets are sold for use on the bed too. Some really fancy owners go for personalized dog blankets. The name of your pup will be seen on the blanket. You can choose the text styles. If you live in a place with hot climate, then a few companies sell cooling blankets. The gel technology blanket is especially suitable for dogs suffering from body pain.

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