How to choose the best pet for your child

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Chances are your child is imploring for a pet and you have no clue what to buy. It is important that you select the best pet for your child. Before buying or adopting any pet, it is important to consider the age of your child.

Knowing pets and caring for them

The correct age for getting a pet of one’s own depends on multiple factors. A few children are lucky to be born into households where a pet is already part of the family. This makes it easier to introduce another pet to the child. If your family does not own a pet, you should adopt or buy a dog or a cat only if your child is minimum five years old. The reason is at this age, your child could walk and feed the pet. Children at this age can comprehend the difference between playing with an animal and mistreating it. Kids this age understands why dangerous objects should be kept out of reach and it is not a good idea to invade any animal’s personal space when it eats.

As a parent and a pet owner, it is important you teach your child how to care for pets. You have to closely supervise them. The young age makes an excellent age to teach your children responsibility. You should ask yourself a few questions before you choose the animal to adopt or buy. If you live in a flat, then adopting a puppy may not be the best choice as they are energetic. Consider also the time the pets would be alone inside the house while you and your spouse will be at work and your child at school. Some pets like to be alone and a few prefer company.

Pet selection

Be careful choosing a pet in-case your child suffers from allergies. Make sure that the animal is indirectly not increasing the allergic reaction. If you like to travel, then there is the consideration of keeping your pet in the care of others. Do remember that pet food is pricey. A good pack costs a lot of dollars.

Choose fish if you think your child can clean the aquarium and understand the benefits of fresh water. Guinea pigs are friendly and perfect for children aged 10 years and up. Rabbits could appear cute but they are mean beasts. They bite and they should be handled carefully. Kittens are extremely adorable and make superb entertainment sources. They also spike allergy levels. Puppies are fun but they must be toilet trained.

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The Best Ways To Invest In The Growing Pet Care Industry

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The global pet care industry is now computed to be $100 billion and increasing. It is a fact that people spend as much on pets as they do on their own kids. For many people, their pets constitute their children. Millennials show this trend, with delayed marriages and fewer, if any, kids. Since pet owners humanize their pets, they are quite happy to spend sumptuous amounts of money on pet food products and pet care. It is also observed that the quantum of spends does not get less even if the pet owner’s finances are tight.

All of the above means the industry will prosper even in the event of a softening of the economy. This does not mean the industry is totally insulated from financial problems, but the downturns will be much milder and if they happen, of much shorter duration. Large investors have realized this long before. This is the reason venture capitalists have poured almost $500 million into developing and marketing pet technology during the 2012 to 2016 period. Long-term investors tend to gravitate towards pet care. The problem in this particular industry segment is the absence of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This means you have to select your own stocks.

Pet care stock selection

The selection is similar to that of any other stock pick. The company must be stable and enjoy a robust track record. Its products should be distributed over a wider geographical area as owners of pets shop for pet care products not only online but at physical stores as well, The company should have a minimum of 10 percent profit margin and enjoy manageable debt levels. An ideal company should be administered by animal lovers. Pet care business does well when owners regard the company as a passion and not simply as a business.

Pet food is lucrative

About 40 percent of total per spends go towards purchasing pet food. There are multiple pet food flavors in any supermarket. In fact, more people are found near the pet food aisle than the aisle where human foods are stocked. With the growth of wellness, the demand for organic pet food also went up. Good food trends have how percolated down to the pet market. No wonder many human food companies have also ventured into pet food manufacturing. Pet health has also seen substantial investments in recent times.

One of the biggest companies in the business has made its mark to make sure the food your pet eats is safe. Pet edibles are tested for toxins, drug residue, bacteria, and allergens. These help to combat the increasing food-borne illness problem. A number of pet care companies manufacture disinfectants and wound care.

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How To Construct The Best Cat Playroom At Home

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Although cats enjoy lots of “me” time, it does not mean they want to be confined. If you are in a generous mood to create a space for your kitty, you can make home alterations to make it possible. Include a few glass dividers to make this area appear larger for both your kitty and for humans as well. It is a good idea to install big sliding doors. Your cats will enjoy the large amounts of daylight pouring in even though they are comfortable inside the house. Glass partitions will keep your cat happy but safe.

Get a catwalk

Every cat wants to look down on others and catwalk is a natural thing to have inside its room. It is extremely simple to do this. Install a beam fixed high on the walls, preferably a foot underneath the ceiling. Install a few access ramps too to help your kitty get to the beam.


Your cat loves to climb. Buy a few cat trees so that it could climb and perch on the top to its heart’s content. These structures give your kitty an excellent workout. Gyms are essential for younger cats as they have abundant energy to burn during the daytime. If your cats are older, purchase shorter trees. They will provide senior cats the physical stimulation they need.


Cats, like their owners, like to watch television. They, however, do not prefer soap operas. Put a cartoon or a wildlife channel for them to watch. Do turn the TV off during bedtime. Do always have the remote control in your hand and make your kitty understand that you control the TV. If you do not, there can be problems.

Good sleep

It is important your cat enjoys a good nap. Buy and install a good quality Kitty Sill. This is a bed which is attached to the window sill. Do not forget to buy a variety of kitty hammocks and cat beds all over the room. This will help your cat to enjoy a disturbance-free, sound sleep.

A bathroom for your cat

There is a limit to how much litter boxes you can change. To stop this incessant changing, buy one which can be attached to the plumbing. The motion sensor will automatically flush once the kitty has vacated the box. In case you cannot make or afford such an expensive option, select a spill-proof box which automatically controls the odors. The end result? You will enjoy a sweet smelling and clean cat playroom.

Pain the wall green as cats love green. Add plants which the cat can chew and gnaw all through the day and night. Feeling brave? Grow your personal catnip. Do however be prepared for a wild kitty.

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Why the secret to your success could be owning a pet?

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Not much could bring more joy than coming home to a furball. Pets not only give pleasure but also offer health and mental benefits which help you professionally. This is the reason why many employers like Amazon and Facebook advertise themselves to be pet-friendly. Many billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Elon Musk of Tesla keep pets themselves.

Stress reduction

Your pet can actively contribute to your professional success. Your stress will automatically reduce in the presence of your pet. Research has consistently proved that the presence of pets will reduce anxiety. The same effect cannot be achieved by the presence of plushy toys. Anxiety and stress levels are reduced even for participants who at first replied in the negative when asked whether they like animals.

Pets are found to reduce pre-examination anxiety levels among students. The fear of examinations also gets less among students who have pets. People who do not have pets and work in a high-stress environment could suffer from mental exhaustion.

Elevate the mood

Pets can assist to drive away mild depression or sadness as they keep loneliness away. Playing with pets could result in a positive mood. This, in turn, results in the brain to release “happiness” neurotransmitters which creates a calm mind. Oxytocin is one generated compound. Another produced compound is serotonin which regulates the mood. You could practically concentrate on the positive aspects of the business and keep at bay the negative ones. This is the secret of many a business’s success. One prime example is Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines. He said that having a pet helped him to be optimistic and search for the best aspects to any problem.

Help to socialize

Pets not only provide companionship but promotes quicker human interactions. It is known that pet owners have a 60 percent more probability to meet new people compared to those not having pets. This is more prominent among dog owners who can literally make friends anywhere. Science also shows that having more number of friends assist in boosting resilience. A person with a greater number of friends can bounce back from painful situations much easier. This is a vital skill needed to be successful. One excellent example is the best friend relation between Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. They have played an important role in each others’ lives for many years, Business ideas were bounced from one to another before those ideas were given to others for implementation. Friends have the capability to bring out the best in a person and it makes excellent sense to invest in friendships and by extension a loving pet.

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How Can You Make Your Multiple Pets Get Along Well?

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Pets are similar to siblings and they may not get along if staying together. This, however, must not discourage you from adopting multiple pets, You can adopt a number of techniques to mesh different species and breeds. According to veterinarians, you should be an assertive owner and pets must understand that you are the decision maker. Pets may not be best friends but they must learn to co-exist without any problems. If you make your pets happy, you will be a happier person as well.

Adding a pet

Bringing a new pet to the house makes the older pets go through three consecutive acceptance levels. The first level involves your old pet being hostile to your new pet. The second level will the old pet being tolerant towards the recently arrived pet. The third level will see the pets bonding with each other. The third stage may or may not happen to your satisfaction.

As an owner, you could smoothen the process. Allow your pets to observe the new pet and sniff one another. Do not permit the animals to have physical contact. Continue this for a few days and then permit supervised interaction. Do this only if you think that behavior from both your old and new pets are friendly and calm. Do not allow the new pet to touch the favorite toys of your old pet. Ensure the pets have an easy access to safe retreats like an open crate or a pet crate specifically with a bed. Do not give your new pet complete access to the house.

Different Diets

One pet should not eat from the bowl of another. This is due to the fact that different pets need different nutrition. Food requirements differ among different breeds as well. Health problems will crop up if your dog eats cat food or vice versa. Veterinarians frequently prescribe particular food for specific pets. A diet for an overweight pet must not be given to a pet having chronic stomach problems. The key to making sure that each pet eats exactly what is intended for it is to feed all pets ar the same time. The animals, however, should be out of sight from one another. If your apartment is a small one, a height difference of food will also work. To give an example, give your dog food on the floor and your cat at the top of the cupboard.

Your senior dog could have different requirements compared to the younger canine. It is important to take the older animal multiple times to the doctor. For younger pets, the frequency of visiting a veterinarian would be less, but a necessity nevertheless.

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How Owning a Dog Can Save You From Heart Attacks

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People who love dogs understand how much warmth their four-legged family member brings into their lives. Researchers have another piece of good news: spending time with a dog helps to improve heart health.

Better quality of life

An owner of a dog will enjoy a much lower probability of cardiovascular disease. If you or family have a prior history of heart disease, then owning a dog may not only increase the quality of life but also reduces heart disease risks. A consistent number of studies have revealed that canine owners enjoy substantially lower blood pressures compared to non-owners. This is as pets have a calming effect and owners invariably get more exercise. Petting a dog also brings beneficial effects. Numerous studies have revealed that a person’s blood pressure healthily dips when that individual pets a dog.

Dog ownership is linked with lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Dog owners have lower levels of both compared to non-dog owners. This difference cannot be explained by Body Mass Index or BMI. The reason for such differences remains a mystery.

Lower stress and better heart

Dog owners are also observed to handle stress better than most people. It has been found that people who spend time with dogs enjoy reduced cardiovascular reactivity when at times of stress. It means blood pressure and heart rate spikes minimum and reverts to normal faster if it happens. These dampen the stress effect on the body.

For a healthier heart, you two can do a picnic. Pack healthy snacks like vegetables and fruits. Do not forget plentiful quantities of water. Bring fun toys like a ball or a frisbee. Why not play a game of catch? If you live near a water body like a pond or a river or even the beach, both of you can take a dip and have fun. Walking is also fun when your dog is with you. Both can participate in fundraising walks when they happen or even short runs when you can manage it. Do make sure that the dog is permitted to participate in such activities.

If you are on the fence on whether to own a dog or not, the benefits for your heart makes a strong case to own a dog. However, do not add a dog to your life if you cannot afford one or unable to take care of another animal. It is important that the dog gets sufficient exercise. Although the results are not a causal one, the above reasons make a compelling reason to adopt a dog or buy one if you want. The existence of a canine in one’s life not only decrease stress and mental health, it also helps children to avoid developing asthma.

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Why do cats become aggressive suddenly?

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Dealing with an aggressive cat needs chutzpah. A hissing and growling kitty could even make the bravest man quake in his boots. Biting cats are terrifying. If you own a cat or live with one, then it is important that you know how to manage an aggressive feline. It is wise to know the reasons as to why your cat gets aggressive.

Your cat is in pain

A cat in pain may respond with swats and hisses when you touch its sensitive areas. To give an example, your cat will hiss if you touch its sore leg. Tail yanking could be painful to the cat. Your kitty could give a scratch and bite if the cause of pain is due to physical reasons like a kick or if the kitty is hit by something.

Trauma response

Cats may suffer from post-traumatic stress like humans. The human brain and the cat brain are similar and chronic anxiety may push cats to adopt an aggressive stance.

It is afraid

A cat will turn aggressive if it is terrifying. It will turn on its side and puff up the fur and tail to make it appear larger. The ears will become flat backward. The pupils get dilated and it will hiss. Do not approach any cat if it is at this stage. If you do, the reaction will be an aggressive one. This does not mean it dislikes you. It means the cat is fully into its panicked stage.

Frustration is the cause

This is termed “redirected aggression”. Cats carry out these attacks as they cannot get what they actually want to attack. To give an example, your cat may get angry when it sees another cat marking its territory. The kitty will then attack anyone nearby, be it a dog or a human.


A neutered or spayed cat is much less likely to be aggressive. It is to be remembered that male cats are biologically fitted to fight other male cats when the females are in heat. In case you see two cats fighting each other, do not interfere as they will then physically attack you.


This will happen if the kitty lives in an extremely stressful environment. This could be a home with multiple cats or in a household where members regularly quarrel and fight one another. Kitties act out the dynamics of their human families.

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