Pet Day Spaws allows the spontaneous (or the avid planner) the ability to find all things local for their pet. Whether it’s a last minute boarding service, or a pet friendly hotel, we got you covered. We know that sometimes life can be stressful, so we’d like to make one aspect of your life a little easier.

Behind the Scenes: The Pets and Inspiration behind Pet Day Spaws

The Mascots and Inspiration Behind it All


Zooey is a 6 year old Pit Bull, and the only child (for now). She lives in Encinitas, CA, and enjoys long walks on the beach. She has awesome blue eyes (named after Zooey Deschanel), and brings positive vibes to the Pit Bull name. Not only does she love to snuggle, but she’s good with all dogs, children, and cats. Skunks are another story. Also, why are there so many skunks around Encinitas?




Bella browsing

Bella is a long haired feisty Chihuahua. She just turned 5 years old in December 2013 who lives in Del Mar, CA and can’t get enough of the beach. She might be a small package (4 whole pounds wow!), but she won’t back down from the big dogs while on patrol. She loves kids, enjoys the San Diego sunshine, and will never pass up a ride in the car.